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Top 10 takeaways from Rama Bijapurkar’s book ‘A Never-Before World’

Rama Bijapurkar is back with another book on India’s economy called ‘A Never-Before World: Tracking the Evolution of Consumer India’. Bringing in an all new perspective on consumers, she urges businesses and entrepreneurs to not just focus on the amount of money people have, but on their aspirations, pain points, community context and media usage.

1. Now is the time to act!

Instead of going with the tried and tested ‘classes first, masses later’, its time to act now! Marketers cannot wait for income levels to rise so that goods seeming expensive earlier become affordable later. This strategy makes them miss out on growth and run the risk of becoming outdated and obsolete by new products. Income story is not that relevant now, what’s relevant is the technology and growth story.

2. What’s your strategy

Companies need to start identifying the right strategy for the Indian market rather than fitting India somewhere in it. One cannot succeed in India by merely tweaking existing templates from the West. Indian corporates need to think out of the box and learn from startups and entrepreneurs.
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