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Gionee India

Gionee, a China-based smartphone player that made its India foray in March 2013, is among the top seven handset players in India, presently. The goal, we learn from Arvind Vohra, the Country CEO and Managing Director, Gionee India, is to infiltrate the top five by the year-end.


Q1: What is your view on India’s small town markets? Over the years, what is your view on the evolution of these markets. Have they kept pace with other markets in the country or lagged / outpaced them?

The small town market has evolved and developed over the years and it has gone on to become one of the most important regions for the smartphone market. small town is one of the fastest growing markets with an increasing number of youngsters adapting to the internet thereby increasing smartphone usage. The market has been growing at a steady pace and definitely holds a lot of potential in the near future. this is also known as the style capital of the country

Q2: Does your marketing strategy differ when approaching small towen markets vis a vis the metro markets in the country?

India is a strategic market for us and we are working on building the brand Gionee after already achieving high recall. Small towns are a very important market and we expect it will contribute major share to our business. Similarly the other regions like the South and North are also important and Gionee has been received well by the audience in every region. While our product offering and campaigns remain the same across major regions, various consumer engaging activations, PR and digital promotions are amplified region wise

Q3: Is there a typical small town consumer (behaviors and preferences)

The small town crowd is very simple yet very stylish. The youngsters are fashion conscious and tech savvy and they are well informed about all the nitty gritty’s of the smartphones available today. The taste of fashion is pretty refined and the consumer is experimental and ready to try fresh arrivals.

Q4: Media spends on promotions on different media. What works for you?

Digital has evolved to become one of the most sought after mediums in recent years. With more users adopting to the internet specially the urban crowd who like being connected on the go, the digital medium has become crucial for businesses. Gionee’s target audience is also the youth who are tech savvy and are very active on social networking sites. With this in mind, digital is of prime importance and we are trying to use the medium effectively and have also been spending on the digital front to maximize the brand’s exposure.

Q5: Which are the biggest product categories in the small town? What drives sales? Communication or the demand?

As we said this market is different from any other geography wrt style / ASP & Tech, Music & camera as a category dominates in any gadgets sold here. Brand awareness / communication is very important backed with strong tech & foam factor for you to dominate in the region.

Q6: What are your future plans for these markets?

Understanding the importance of the small town market, Gionee has been gradually building its presence in this region and is trying to build a resonance with the crowd. Following the passions of the youth in this region, Gionee recently partnered with small townern Football Club Shillong Lajong for the I League to promote the sport as well as make a connect with the small townern people. Similarly Gionee will also devise further strategies to build a relationship with the small townern market.

Q7. Do you follow a different distribution model for the region?

We follow a similar strategy for our distribution PAN India. Gionee has its distribution network well sorted and we only sell through our retail and channel partners. We have five main distributors located in small town, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, and the South (Hyderabad / Bangalore / Chennai). They work with us as our partners and have the entire responsibility of leading their respective areas. This move is especially to make them feel as part of the team which would drive them to deliver the best results.


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